Y11 English PREP: T4 Week 5

Hi everyone, this is the PREP. Much of it is for revision purposes and in preparation for your assessment next week.

  1. Finish off analysing the 5 quotes and the 3 images for Witness. These will be a shared resource.
  2. Write a practice language analysis on one of these articles -> Cup day is part of us, Halloween isn’t or Love the celebs, but do we need them?
  3. Make sure you complete at least a plan and an introduction and tell me 2 things you did well and 2 you want to improve.


Y11 Literature PREP: T4 Week 4

Hi, guys, this week’s PREP is;

  1. To complete and post your story analysis by MONDAY. Just focus on one or two major features/techniques/themes from the story to make it easier.
  2. Write down some story ideas and come in with them on Monday, ready to receive some feedback.
  3. Come in with a list of 10  high-value words used in a sentence to describe one of the stories.
  4. Catch up on any missed classwork -> Classwork – T4W4


Y11 English PREP: T4 Week 3

Hey, this is the PREP,

  1. Two articles in obs book, pertaining to ‘Identity and Belonging’.
  2. 1 item from the task matrix assignment, which is here ->witness task matrix
  3. Access http://www.vcestudyguides.com/guides/context/identity-and-belonging to get some ideas on possible prompts and responses.
  4. Find and bring in one example of a creative or persuasive response to ‘identity and belonging’ on Tuesday


Year 11 Literature PREP: T4 Week 3

Yo, PREP time, sorry for the lateness,

  1. Complete the previous PREP tasks
  2. Work on your assigned story and develop some insights, an interpretation or key notes, in preparation for next class. List is attached with scans of posters at the bottom.
  3. Here is the work we completed in class on Monday -> Classwork – T4W3
  4. Posters from roundtable & assigned stories are here -> Short stories – roundatable
  5. Now would be the time to start your revision for the exam. Remember the techniques from Advisory/Elevate education. See me with any queries.