Understanding the structure of Oedipus Rex

Gutentag… everyone,

this document will help you to understand the language that surrounds the structure of tragedy plays. I have also included how it is filled out in Oedipus Rex.


Please read this and familiarise yourself with the terms.

Week 3 PREP Y11 Literature

Howdy Y’all, here’s the homework for the weekend from Wednesday’s class. Hope that you enjoy some relaxation, but make some time to get this stuff done.

EDMOB out.

  1. Finish first reading of text.
  2. Find a reference to, extract from, review or performance of the text for next class.
  3. Complete another journal entry.
  4. Working on documents on the blog (filter by ‘Literature’ at bottom of page)

Literature PREP from week 2

Word to the Lit class,

this is the PREP

  • READ THE TEXTBOOK!!!!!!!!! Chapter 2 ‘Drama’ pp.32-45
  • Write a journal entry (On a personal text or Oedipus Rex)
  • Enter 10 books into recommended reads list. (Just for fun)
  • Enter words into unknown words list. (For learning purposes)
  • Read Oedipus Rex
    • Make notes

    Please complete this before our next class on Monday 11th Feb

  • Things we owe Shakespeare

Things we owe Shakespeare

Creating the ultimate resource on Ancient Greek society.

The goal for this is to use the research that you have conducted to create a digital resource that the class can refer to whilst learning about the historical context of the plays that we are currently studying.

The job is simple, create the document in word, make it neat and as grammaticaly correct as possible, then open the google docs link below and paste it in at an appropriate place.


Viva la education!