11-LITERATURE: Wed 24-June

Though the Jazz Age continued it became less and less an affair of youth. The sequel was like a children’s party taken over by the elders.– F. Scott Fitzgerald

The PREP for over the break is as follows:

  • Come to class on Monday from 11:30 until around 1:30
  • Context task and memes [Due first day back]
  • Re-read novel and take notes [Due first day back]
  • Complete pre-readings [in OneNote]

have a safe and happy break, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Mon 22-June

They (Kennedy’s stories) depict characters in crisis, often so mired in what Walker Percy called the malaise of everydayness that the horror of their condition is invisible to them. – Maud Newton, NYT

The PREP this week is as follows:

  • Complete Week 9&10 PREP tracker tasks [over/Due Thursday]
  • Complete tutorial task [Friday/holiday class]
  • Week 11 pre-readings [Due Friday]
  • Take notes using revision table
  • Finalise plan for creative [Due Sunday]

Email me your plans if you want some feedback, otherwise come have a chat with me.

EDMOB out.

The Island: Giving Your Characters a Hard Time

Claire Fuller


I’ve recently been completely hooked on the Channel 4 television series, The Island, where the adventurer, Bear Grylls drops one group of men and another of women on uninhabited Pacific islands and leaves them to fend for themselves for six weeks. How will they boil the water they find, what will they use to hack through the jungle, what are the essential tools that the groups couldn’t survive without? It’s had me shouting at the TV, ‘bring in the nets or the fish will rot!’ and, ‘don’t lie on the beach, go and get the water!’. It’s pretty compulsive viewing, and even more interesting for me in that I had to make some similar decisions for the characters in my novel, Our Endless Numbered Days.

Here’s a few of them.

Water: Peggy and James live for nine years in a remote European forest. James tells Peggy that…

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11-LANGUAGE: Fri 19-June

Correct English is the slang of prigs who write history and essays ~ George Eliot, Middlemarch, 1872

The PREP this week is:

  • Complete Week 10 pre-readings for tracker [due Monday]
  • Add new terms to glossary from pre-readings
  • Keep working on your scrapbooks [due end of term]


12-LITERATURE: Fri 19-June

Psychological suspense seems to work in the same way to me: the stories I always find most terrifying, for instance, are the ones that are set in completely banal and familiar places, so I thought I would play with that idea a bit.– Cate Kennedy

the PREP this week is:

  • PREP tracker task for week 10 is up [Due Monday 22nd]
  • Complete context research task [Due Monday 22nd]
  • Start work on tutorial task [due Friday 26th or holiday class]
  • Complete Week 11 pre-readings [due Friday 26th]
  • Take some notes in ‘Revision notes’ page [ongoing work]
  • Plan is due Sunday 28th at absolute latest

please email me any work you have for feedback 🙂

11-LITERATURE: Wed 17-June

It is, as I suspected, a gargantuan hunk of over-art-directed kitsch, but it makes for a grandiose, colorful, pleasure-drenched night at the movies.– Dana Stevens

the PREP this week is:

  • Complete W10 pre-readings. [due next Tuesday]
  • Complete context research [due first day back next term]
  • Complete memes [due first day back next term]
  • Read novel if you haven’t already- fill out notes table in OneNote

EDMOB out.

11-LANGUAGE: Mon 15-June

Language is only the instrument of science, and words are but the signs of ideas: I wish, however, that the instrument might be less apt to decay, and that signs might be permanent, like the things they denote.- Samuel Johnson

The PREP for this week is:

  • Find and annotate your first scrapbook for Unit 2.
  • Complete pre-readings in textbook pp. 124-135
  • Add new metalanguage to your glossary as you go.

Email me if you need anything 🙂

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Mon 15-June

It’s huge fun to play with our foundation myths and rearrange them into other stories that have uncomfortable echoes of the stories we’ve all internalised and ‘forgotten’.- Cate Kennedy

The PREP for this week is as follows;

  • Complete context research task
  • Start work on tutorial task
  • Week 10 pre-readings

Don’t forget!

  • to read Dark Roots
  • to start thinking about your creative response

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Fri 05-June

‘I always write down quotes that inspire me, or bits of dialogue that inspire me. It is a bower-birding thing with words, but I’ve also found photos are incredibly evocative or even things I’ve clipped from the newspaper’– Cate Kennedy

The PREP is as follows;

  • Complete ‘Analysis 5’ [due next Thursday]
  • Find a passage from Dark Roots  that you think is appropriate for analysis and bring it to class [due next Thursday]
  • Find, read and bring in another short story [on Monday 15th]
  • Read and aim to understand assessment task and rubrics [Monday 15th]
  • Complete week 9 pre-readings [Monday 15th]
  • Complete context task [before Friday 19th]

Email me with any questions.

EDMOB out.