Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T3 Week 3 (Mon)

Without any ado I shall blunder forth and loose the PREP. I apologise if this makes me seem oafish. (Guess the shared origins of the italicised words)

The PREP this week is as follows;

  • Re-read the section of the text that comments on changes from modern English into modern Australian English.
  • Choose one of the linguist’s responses to ‘Word Crimes’ and write a scrapbook response to it, referring to the clip also.
  • Make sure you finish and submit your resource on the history of the English Language.
  • Find a word with an interesting etymology and share it in class.

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T3 Week 3

“There is no cure for PREP
when the cure itself is mad.” – Tiresias

The PREP this week is as follows;

  • Read The Bacchae (before next Monday) make sure you have the translation by Philip Vellacot
  • Pre-read section on drama in textbook (pages 30-43)
  • Work on context resource -> TS Eliot and Euripides context resource task
  • DON’T FORGET final draft is due in on Sunday.

Here is the lesson plan for today -> Y12 Literature Lessons T3 Week 3


Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T3 Week 2 (MON)

“And I thought that you’d gotten it through your skull
What’s figurative and what’s literal
Oh but, just now, you said
You literally couldn’t get out of bed
That really makes me want to literally
Smack a crowbar upside your stupid head.” – Weird Al Yankovic

This week’s PREP is as follows;

  • Continue work on research task on your chosen language groups
  • Keep working on your glossary
  • Find out: what is a conjugate? why do we need to know our homophones? What is a dangling participle?

Check out these responses to ‘Word Crimes’ from proper linguists. They are well worth a look.

EDMOB out.

Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Week 2

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any PREP.” – Jordan Baker

This week’s PREP is as follows;

  • Read the novel, watch the film and take some notes.
  • Complete a practice compare/contrast essay.
  • Complete your metalanguage definitions for the padlet.
  • Choose a scene you think we should do a close comparison of between novel and film.
  • Pre-read chapter 3 in the textbook on comparing texts
  • EXTENSION – research the ideas and concerns addressed in Gatsby and the author’s views and values, by looking at study guides and reviews of the novel and the film.

Here are the lesson plans from this week -> Y11 Literature Lessons – T3Week2

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T3 Week 2

Hi all,

this week’s PREP is as follows;

  • Check the lesson plans for the set work in my absence on Thursday.
  • Complete set pre-readings and revise notes to provide a foundation for your reflection
  • Overdue tasks still need to be completed.
  • Seeking feedback from myself and your peers is recommended (hint hint!)

The lessons plans are here -> Y12 Literature Lessons – T3W2

Here are the assessment criteria and descriptors for the creative piece and reflective commentary -> Assessment criteria and descriptors

The information for the work I expect you to complete in my absence on Thursday is included in the lesson plans. I really do recommend that you attend school and spend the time completing these tasks in the Library. These tasks are being developed as in in class activity and should not add any extra work to your allotted PREP.

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T3 Week 1

Plot means one thing, “make it worse.” – Cate Kennedy This week’s PREP is as follows;

You will also find links to the story analyses, context resources and technique analyses in the ‘Litertaure links’ tab at the top of the page, so please check these out. Again, I really wanted to say how excited I was about the enthusiasm and directed energy of the discussions in class today. I also wanted to reiterate our focus of ‘being here, being engaged in learning’ for Literature in unit 4. At this stage of the year every class is critical. EDMOB out.

Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Week 1

This week’s PREP is as follows, old sport;

You should aim to do your best to be up to date with all of the previously set tasks and readings. These are listed below.

  • Pre-read section in textbook on comparing and contrasting texts (Chapter 3) and take some notes
  • Pre-read section on film (pages 60-66)
  • Pre-read section on genre (pages 9-15)
  • Continue work on personal reflection of Gatsby(s)
  • Complete memes task
  • Complete context research task and send me a link
  • View film
  • Read novel and take notes on each chapter

For the tasks, the instructions have been attached in the previous two posts under the Y11 Literature tag.

“Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan seem surprisingly perfect as Daisy and Gatsby. The short scene in which Daisy meets Gatsby on a rainy day had just enough venerability and awkwardness that it came across as genuine. (Side note: Mulligan’s dancing eyebrow is extremely entertaining. Watch for it about fifty-two seconds in.)” – BrennanMcCracken, inharshlight.com

EDMOB out.

Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T3 Week 1

“What have I ever done that was so wrong, other than believing in myself? If believing in yourself is so so so wrong, and the other side is so so so so strong in trying to beat down, and demonize and dishumanize and I don’t know if that’s a word or not, and if it’s not a word then I said it’s a (beeping) word.” – Kanye West, 2014

This week’s PREP is as follows;

  1. Finish the piece of writing about whether you believe being able to just create new words is good or bad for the development of the English language.
  2. Catch up with any overdue readings or tasks. (look at previous posts to see what they are)
  3. Bring in a sample of ‘ye olde english’ that we can look at as a group.

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T3 Week 1

“PREP is just a vehicle,” learning is the goal.

The PREP this week is as follows;

  1. Make sure you look at the examiner’s report from 2013, record the things that the best responses did.
  2. Pre-read section on writing a critical reflection. (Pages 185-6, 194-9)
  3. Use markup on your first draft to alter it and submit as your second draft. This is due by Sunday.
  4. There are still some of you who need to complete and submit your learning resources for this unit. THIS IS VERY OVERDUE. You are expected to complete these.

EDMOB out.