Understanding the context; ‘Identity & Belonging’

Good day,Here is a link to a document summarising some of the issues/ideas/concepts related to ‘Identity & Belonging’.


Have a read, take some notes and post them in a comment on this thread.

Let’s get the ideas flowing.

Week 3 PREP Y11 English

  • Finish reading the text.
  • Go to blog and contribute to documents (Use category search at the bottom to find ‘English’.
  • Research where Montana is and what it’s like and write/draw a piece to explain.
  • Brainstorm character profiles on poster.
  • Make an entry in the obs book.

Identity and Belonging in ‘Montana 1948’

The point of this resource is for you to build up a bank of key moments in the text where the context of identity and belonging has been explored.

Everyone will have something valuable that they can offer for this.

The only thing that I need you to remember is, that you should plan and think carefully about what you submit. If what goes into this document isn’t very good, noone can take anything good out of it.

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