Y12 English Language PREP: Transition

Hey, how you guys doin?

Aside from speaking the ‘Tribbiani’ dialect, the purpose of this post is to put up the lesson plans and PREP that will need to be completed during the break.

You will find the lesson plans and PREP in this document here-> Unit 3 English Language Transition

If you have any questions of concerns please contact me by email, or by commenting on this post and I will get back to you ASAP.

PREP tasks

Sorry, forgot to attach these. (11/12)

Textbook questions -> U3O1 – Living Lingo questions1

Journal Task and criteria -> Unit 3 Outcome 1 – Journal instructions and assessment criteria

Powerpoint of journal tips -> here


Y12 Literature PREP: Transition Week


I wanted to say again just how happy I was with our efforts during transition this week and how excited I am for next year. I’m hoping you’re feeling the same way.

Please find the lesson plans and PREP from our transition classes in the document here -> Unit 3 Literature Transition classes

Be sure to read the attached document for specifics of the PREP, but the basic summary is below.

  1. Read The Cat’s Table, Dark Roots and another literary text of your choice. (Attempt The Bacchae if you desire) Take notes on the texts you read.
  2. Watch Chinatown and take some notes
  3. Read pg. 63-69 of textbook and take some notes
  4. Find a literary review of Chinatown and write about it (instructions in document)

If you need any help or clarification on any of the tasks or texts, please email me or make a comment on this post and I promise to respond ASAP.


Y11 English PREP: T4 Week 5

Hi everyone, this is the PREP. Much of it is for revision purposes and in preparation for your assessment next week.

  1. Finish off analysing the 5 quotes and the 3 images for Witness. These will be a shared resource.
  2. Write a practice language analysis on one of these articles -> Cup day is part of us, Halloween isn’t or Love the celebs, but do we need them?
  3. Make sure you complete at least a plan and an introduction and tell me 2 things you did well and 2 you want to improve.


Y11 Literature PREP: T4 Week 4

Hi, guys, this week’s PREP is;

  1. To complete and post your story analysis by MONDAY. Just focus on one or two major features/techniques/themes from the story to make it easier.
  2. Write down some story ideas and come in with them on Monday, ready to receive some feedback.
  3. Come in with a list of 10  high-value words used in a sentence to describe one of the stories.
  4. Catch up on any missed classwork -> Classwork – T4W4