Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Week 2

Hello there, I’m Trent McClure,

You might know me from such blog posts as, ‘The homework ate my dog,’ and, ‘The attack of the ten minute video tutorial.’

Here’s the PREP

  1. The critical exegesis assesment will be on Monday, be prepared.
  • go through the related blog posts. Watch the vids and read the attachments.
  • Organise the notes that you are bringing with you.
  • Have your poems neatly published to hand in.
  • Plan the response you are going to write.
  1. Be sure to have finished reading the Gatsby, watched the vids on Gatsby and chapter summaries, and added you character profiles to the correct padlet.



Year 11 English PREP: T3 Week 2

Hey there, another PREP post.

The Language analysis task is coming up, do this to be prepared for Tuesday;

  1. Organise the notes that you will bring to class.
  2. Be familiar with the structure of this response by practicing it and asking me for feedback.

Also be ready to start Maestro;

  1. read the text
  2. add character profile to padlet

This post is designed to help you know what you need to do to be successful in this class, not as a torture device.




Year 11 English: Tuesday 23-06

Learning Intention: To reflect on essay writing techniques. To continue developing essay writing skills.
Success Criteria: I can…

  • Use correct terminology to identify techniques, intended effect and an example.
  • Write and self-assess a personal example of a language analysis piece.
  • Focus on discussing the effect of specific techniques in context as a part of your body paragraphs.

The Task:

Today’s goal is to use the Almanac to go through writing a practice essay about an article that you have chosen. You will need to web message or email it to me prior to Thursday. If you aren’t sure what I mean by the article that you have chosen, check your web messages.

EDMOB out.