Y12 Literature PREP: T2 Week 1

“April is the cruellest month, breeding / PREP out of the dead land…”

This week’s PREP is as follows;

  1. Complete your research and compile it in a word document (or any suitable format) so you can bring it to class on Monday to begin organising it for publication as a resource. (For those absent today, a list of topics is in the board notes)
  2. If you have not completed notes on Cat’s Table, then continue working on these. (I will be proceeding in class as though we have all completed the holiday PREP, but am happy to help out anyone who is need of help if they approach me.)
  3. Please take some time to complete this short survey so I can get a better picture of where we are at -> EDMOB’s survey link

Here is the lesson plan from today for those who couldn’t make it -> Y12 Literature Lessons – T2Week1

Here are the board notes from today, also. These will help to clarify what was discussed and what the research topics are -> Y12 Literature Board notes- T2Week1

I wanted to thank everyone for a great class today, especially considering the time constraints and my intense and abrupt delivery. The discussions I witnessed and participated in were fantastic, which make me very excited about out future classes for this text study.

EDMOB out.

Holiday class times

Greetings to you all,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the break and been prosperous in your studies. 

The class on Wednesday will be between 10 and 2. There will be a tutorial for Y12 literature from 10-11 and the rest of the day will be dedicated to study help and providing any other assistance individuals may need. 

Everyone is welcome to attend and Y12s are expected to be there for the tutorial. Please email me or comment with any questions. 

EDMOB out. 

Calling all photographer types

Hello to everyone!

The fantastic banner you see above this post was provided to us by award-winning photographical-artist-type Morgan Grossman. So I wanted to thank her for sharing her work!

I am looking to have a rotating banner to showcase everyone’s talents on the blog. (I was thinking about changing it fortnightly.)

If you have any original photographs that you have taken that you think will look brilliant at the top of the blog, please feel free to email them to me. (Yes, you can submit multiple times! hint, hint, Morgan 🙂 )


Y12 Literature PREP: T1 break

“Let us go, you and I, with AOS 2 spread out against the sky…”

The PREP for over the break is as follows;

  1. Re-read The cat’s table and develop a full set of notes on the text.
    • I recommend using the chapters as a structure for your notes. Also be conscious that the narrative moves through time, so setting out your notes with reference to chronology is important.
    • A strategy for taking notes from the lunchtime workshop is here -> Note strategy – Cats table
    • Find and read some critical analyses of the novel, this will help you to identify the key techniques, views and values for this piece.
    • Email 2 analyses that you find to me so we can develop a learning resource.
  2. Read through the poetry by TS Eliot.
    • Take some notes if you can. Eliot is a notoriously difficult poet, so don’t be discouraged if he confuses you at first.
  3. I will be running a class for a couple of hours on Wednesday 16th of April, which you are all expected to attend.
    • I will post the time closer to the date. (please email me if you have a preference)
    • If you absolutely can’t  make it please email me. I am nothing if not fair and reasonable.

Our expectations are here -> Our expectations

I have been really happy to see the manner that everyone has approached our learning this term. You have all made some great strides on the road to VCE success. I have also loved the way you have embraced and provided feedback on the tasks we have been doing in class. Here’s to a spectacular Term 2.


Y11 Literature PREP: T1 Week 10 and T1 break

This is just the prologue for our investigation of Greek tragedy. I think our work will, however, be closer to an epic.

The PREP for our term break is as follows;

  1. Read the play you have chosen, and the other if you wish to extend your knowledge.
  2. Complete your journals.
  3. I will be at school on Wednesday 16th of April to run a class. I am expecting everyone will pop in at some point for an hour or so to check in with where you are at.
    • This will be primarily to support your reading of the texts and journal responses. I can also provide extension material for those who have completed this and want to further your knowledge.
    • I will post the times I will be at WHC as soon as I confirm them with the principals.
    • If you can’t make it please just email me to let me know.

I finally want to congratulate everyone on a fantastic start to the year. You have all shown me a willingness to learn, a thirst for knowledge and commitment to improvement. I can see a year of great achievement ahead!


Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T1 Week 10

The acronym PREP (which has almost become a word in itself) does provide some interesting semantic analysis!

Speaking of… here’s the PREP for this week and for the over the break;

  1. Complete you assigned definitions and examples for semantics and email these to Neven so they can be posted on your blog.
    • If you are unsure on what you were assigned then you should check with Neven or Diaz who moderate your blog.
  2. Make sure that by the first week of T2 your glossaries are completely up-to-date. You will need this to begin our work on discourse analysis.
  3. Make sure that you have 4 media pieces, an academic piece and a personal observation piece analysed for your Scrapbook/journal task.
    • You will need these ready to go for our first lesson next term. We will begin the feedback and improvement phase of our work on this task.
    • This phase is designed so you can improve your analyses and achieve greater success with this task.
  4. I will be running a class on Thursday at during lunch that I would like everyone to attend to clarify this work.
  5. I will also be running a class during the break on Wednesday 16th of April, which you are most welcome to attend.
    • The aim of this class will be to help you find and analyse pieces for your scrapbook.

The instructions for the scrapbook task are here -> Assessment – Scrapbook Task 2.0

Neven has also posted the example of annotation I went thru in class on http://trivialpursuitofenglishlanguage.wordpress.com/

Please email me with any questions or queries,