This page has been created to house information on the workshops that have been run in classes.

If you missed a workshop, or would like to brush up on something that was covered, then this is the place for you!

English Specific

Persuasive Techniques

Creating effective presentations

How to analyse a persuasive text

Literature Specific

Interpreting lyrics/poetry

Cinematic Techniques

Writing film reviews

How to write a compare & contrast essay

Repetition, motif & imagery

Poetic Meter

Planning your poetry

Writing Chapter Summaries

Writing a critical exegesis

English & Literature appropriate

Note-taking styles for plays

Tragedy Plays; what’s in a tragedy?

How to draw insights from a text

Presenting/public speaking

Using Padlet

Essay Writing

How to plan an essay response

Writing Introduction and Body paragraphs

Text response essay: overall structure

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