Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T2 Week 6 (Fri)

“We know there are known knowns: there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns: that is to say we know there are things we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” —Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Fe. 12, 2002

The PREP this week is as follows;

  • Verb Tenses for glossary – past simple/tense, present tense, past participle, passive participle, active participle
  • Complete your essay diagram
  • Complete and submit your resource on a theory
  • Submit your scrapbook


Y12 Literature: ‘Handwriting Club’ task #1

Hey team,

it may not be written in the examiner’s report, but one surefire way to get an examiner on side is to have handwriting that they can easily read. I know I’m not one that can sit on my high horse and preach about my own handwriting, but I can certainly teach you a few tricks to make yours easier to read; it’s not about anything other than optimising your chances for success in the exam 🙂

here’s our first task, due before the GAT -> Handwriting club – task 1


Y12 Literature PREP: T2 Week 7

“Kids believe in Santa; adults believe in PREP.” – Cate Kennedy

Please check out this -> How to be successful in Literature

This is of course a very basic outline, and doesn’t take into account the many strategies we have learned this year, however this should be the bare minimum of what we need to be doing in Y12 Lit to be successful. I know that the majority of you are doing this stuff already, we just need to be sure that we are consistently making these things happen, week-in-week-out.

The PREP is as follows;

  • Begin re-reading Dark Roots and adding to your notes
  • Read through ‘The Hollowmen’ and make some notes
  • Complete any overdue stuff
  •  Pre-read section of textbook on setting and contexts (pages 67-78)
  • EXTENSION – Pre-read section of text on creative responses (pages 180-199)
  • EXTENSION – begin thinking about/planning how you might respond creatively to Cate Kennedy’s short stories or Eliot’s poetry. (you have the power of choice here). check out this link for a couple of samples http://www.insightpublications.com.au/shopcontent.asp?type=literature-for-senior-students

We will be moving into creative responses to texts immediately following the GAT, so you must be up to speed with this stuff by the beginning of week 8.

EDMOB out.


Y11 Literature PREP: T2 Week 6

Hi team,

the PREP for this week is as follows;

  1. If you need extra time to complete SAC please arrange it with me ASAP. I have arranged for sessions 3&4 Friday, but am able to negotiate. Please keep in mind that this is a measure taken to help support your success.
  2. Watch the film One Night the Moon in preparation for next week. It is on Youtube, or I can loan you a copy.
  3. I need your Reading Journals ASAP, these are a requirement and will be reported on, so please get them to me.
  4. Please be familiar with this -> How to be successful in Literature

HEADS UP – you should start reading The Great Gatsby and view the film Gatsby (2013, Luhrmann) to be ready for Unit 2

EXTENSION – Pre-read section of text on film (pages 61-67) and section on genre (pages 9-15). To assist with our film study.

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T2 Week 6 (Mon)

Hi all,

The PREP this week is as follows;

  1. Prepare for SAC (on Thursday)
    • Revise notes
    • prepare page of notes for thursday
    • seek any last minute feedback
  2. Begin re-reading Dark Roots in readiness for Week 9
  3. Read through ‘The Hollowmen’ in readiness for next week.
  4. Complete any overdue stuff just to get it out of the way.

Preparation is the key to achieving success; I cannot stress the importance of early preparation. Do not leave it until the last minute.

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T2 Week 5

“Each day we had to do at least one thing that was PREP.”

The PREP this week is as follows;

  1. Plan a views and values response, or write a paragraph for feedback.
  2. Revise notes on the text – pay attention to criteria for assessment.
  3. Look at analysis pieces and learning resources for ideas to consider.
  4. Go quote hunting, either by yourself or as a team.

Here are the lesson plans from this week -> Y12 Literature Lessons T2 Week 5

Here are the assessment criteria for the SAC -> SAC AOS 2 – Assessment rubric

EDMOB out.

Y11 Literature PREP: T2 Week 5

“Creon, the soul of trust, my loyal friend from the start steals against me… so hungry to overthrow me he sets this PREP on me.” – Oedipus Rex

This week’s PREP is as follows;

  • Watch One night the moon either from my file or on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3ZA3WK1f5w
  • Finish up your journal and prepare to hand it in
  • Extension – Prepare for assessment task by planning an essay response.

Here are this week’s lesson plans -> Y11 Literature Lessons T2 Week 5

And, here is our work from the board today on Sophocle’s comments -> How Sophocles reflects endorses or questions


Y12 Literature PREP: T2 Week 5 (Mon)

“But as boys on that journey to [success], looking out on the PREP that seemed to contain nothing, we used to imagine complex plots and stories for ourselves.”

The PREP this week is as follows;

  1. Complete your poster, unpacking an idea that the text may reflect, reveal, or provide a critique of aspects of human behaviour, social convention or society. (If you attended the complexity workshop you should demonstrate what we looked at)
  2. Find a sample views and values essay response and bring it to class on Thursday. Try searching ‘VCE literature views and values response’ or something similar. (It may be tricky to find one on The Cat’s Table, but the skills are transferable no matter which text your essay is on.)
  3. Decide on 3 things to share about the sample you find.

Here is today’s lesson plan -> Y12 Literature Lessons T2 Week 5

Here are the ideas you came up with for what the text reflects, questions and critiques -> W5 – Reflect, question, critique

Brace yourselves, the SAC is coming: as always the PREP is important, but this is the stuff that will continue the development of your ideas that will be written about in the essay.

  • If you are falling behind you are always welcome to see me to get some help at any time.
  • If you are up to date with PREP at this stage, make sure you are revising your notes as you go to further ensure success.