Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T1 Week 5 (end)

Where’s my hoverboard?

Your PREP this week is as follows;

  1. Get your glossary up to date with the relevant metalanguage for ‘Phonetics and phonology’
  2. Pre-read and understand the following metalanguage relating to ‘Morphology and Lexicology’ (pages 9-16)
    • affixation (prefix, infix, suffix, inflectional/derivational
    • morphemes (root, free, bound)
  3. Find a cool clip for us to transcribe on the ‘Youtubes’

Here’s the lesson plans -> Y11 English Language Lessons T1W5

Great work today!

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T1 Week 5 (end)

“My schedule for today lists a six-hour self-accusatory (depression) PREP-session,”

Your PREP for over this weekend is;

  1. Read and view the novel and film
    • Just do it…
  2. Continue your research on your chosen part of the historical, social and generic contexts – delegate roles within your team
    • Delegate one or two things to research and bring in key points on for Monday
    • think about how you will present your final piece
  3. Find the best picture related to either DADOES or Blade Runner
    • Best will win a prize

Here are the lesson plans from this week – > Y12 Literature Lessons – T1W5

Thanks to everyone for your feedback! its really appreciated and I can say that I will table it up and show you what we’ve got


Y11 Literature PREP: T1 Week 5

Hi everyone,

This week’s PREP is;

  1. Make sure you have the collection of short stories, we are getting closer to assessment time and this is important.
  2. Look on the internet to find a critical review or analysis of Henry Lawson or Barbara Baynton’s writing. This can be a general interpretation of their writing, or focussed primarily on one of the stories we are reading. Please print these, or summarise them and bring your notes to class.
  3. Complete at least 2 more journal entries. Apply the feedback and ideas given in class today to improve your journal entries.

The lesson plans from this week are here -> Y11 Literature Lessons – T1W5

I was really pleased with the quality of journal responses I have received and with the quality of discussion we had around the characters and setting in class today. Keep up the great work!

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T1 Week 5 (Monday)

“It doesn’t make any difference what desert, it’s completely hypothetical…Get to the choppa!” – who says this and where is it from?

your PREP for Thursday’s class is;

  • Read Do andriods dream of electric sheep? And view Blade runner
    • This is important and MUST be done before Thursday
    • Contact me if this isn’t possible
  • Find one interesting fact about either the film or novel to share. Most interesting fact wins a prize!
    • The more trivial or ridiculous the better
  • Learn some basics about each text (actually write this stuff down!)
    • Author/director & writers
    • Date of publication/release
    • Genres
    • Starring


Y11 English Language PREP: T1 Week 4

Hi, how it goarrin? Skwerrel?

Your PREP for this week is as follows/

  1. Go through the lesson plans and make sure you have completed all the tasks.
  2. Read, define and provide samples of the key words listed at the bottom of the lesson plan pdf.
  3. Bring in one sample of written/spoken communication discussing or using in a unique way ‘Phonetics and phonology’. (like the vids we watched today.

Here’s the lesson plans and PREP ->Y11 English Language Lessons T1W4end

EDMOB out\

Y12 Literature PREP: T1 Week 4

“You’re smarter than you think I think you are,” but “please don’t eat the blinds, I just had them installed on Wednesday.”

As we reach the final stages of AOS 3, this is your homework;

  1. Check all previous posts to make sure you’re up to date!
  2. Read DADOES and watch Bladerunner. See me if you need to borrow these. they must be read and viewed before next Thursday.
  3. Do some research into the context of DADOES and Bladerunner.
  4. Have a squiz at chapter 3 in the textbook as a pre-reading for next week
  5. Send me a practice response to a review to get some feedback, even if it is only an intro and a body paragraph!

Here’s the assessment rubric for the SAC ->AOS 3 Assessment rubric

Here are the lesson plans from this week ->Y12 Literature Lessons – T1W4

EDMOB out.

Y11 Literature PREP: T1 Week 4

Greetings to all of you,

this week’s PREP is:

  1. Complete all PREP from previous posts, and be sure to re-read the stories and take notes on them (character, plot and setting) if you haven’t done it yet.
  2. Complete work on narrative structure of short story, which we started in class today
  3. Pre-read sections on character and setting that follow the section on narrative structure, take some notes on key points
  4. Email to me/hand in at least 4 of your journal responses, this is for me to keep track of your work and for you to get some feedback. Before Friday please.

Here is the lesson plan from this week ->Y11 Literature lessons – T1W4

Keep up the great work!


Y11 English Language PREP: T1 Week 4 midweek

Welcome, gentle-men and gentle-ladies, to the midweek PREP post.

Your PREP for this week is;

  1. Complete any outstanding PREP from the previous posts
  2. Ensure your notes are organised and cover the topics we have looked at
  3. Pre-read the section on phonetics and phonology (pages 2-9) and take notes on key ideas and metalanguage
  4. Think of a funny, and not-too-difficult word to attempt spelling with IPA

This is an outline of the lesson plan and a more detailed outline of the PREP here ->Y11 English Language Lessons T1W4

I wanted to congratulate team relativist on a great win, and on the collaboration you made to take such an emphatic victory. working together really does pay off!


Y12 Literature PREP: T1 Week 3

As a whole this week, in my mind, was completed, (critical commentary joke there…)

Your PREP is as follows;

  1. Read pages 163-179 in the textbook on responding to alternate viewpoints. It’s confusing in parts, but pretty darn good.
  2. Complete all outstanding PREP, it’s posted on the blog
  3. Re-view film if you have the time and want to know it inside-out
  4. Finalise your notes
  5. Complete part/all of a practice responseand email it to me to receive some personalised feedback

Here are the lesson outlines from this week -> Y12 Literature Lessons – T1W3

Next week we will be using Monday for final preparation and knowledge transfer. Class time will have allocated activities, it is not going to be for general preparation, this must be done at home or during study sessions.

Thanks to everyone for their great work on Monday and I know you all did your best to meet my expectations on Thursday.