Y11 English PREP: T3 Holidays

School’s out for springtime!

  1. Complete the preparation of your presentation. It’s due to be delivered during the first class after holidays.
  2. Watch the video tutorials and look through the other resources in the ‘presenting’ tag.
  3. Write about three articles related to belonging in your obs book.
  4. Email me with any work that you would like feedback on.


Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Holidays

Holiday, it is, the best day.

  1. Please finish reading the text
  2. Go to the post, ‘Workshop – Extract responses’ and read through the examples, following the instructions I have posted.
  3. Go to the post ‘Tutorial – approaching extract responses’ and watch the video/read the notes
  4. Watch all other video tutorials in the MoV tag if you haven’t already. There are at least 3.
  5. Finish your work on the padlet walls for theme, character and techniques. the more we have the more knowledge we have.


Y11 English PREP:T3 Week 9

Greetage, everyone.

  1. Prepare for the text response essay on Tuesday!
  2. Chapter summaries – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jKG5Xvha2BdUsono8qXl3aU_LaBCC_WIP0sZZ5QhBxc/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Chapter questions for revision – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LnGI8QS_Y1dFbkrB5H4oXdLmtFlwWQAz_qE5bl7kbhI/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Character questions and profiles on padlets – Character Profile Task
  5. Video tutorial on high quality essay topics – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-rdBtd4K0U

Don’t forget that we have the persuasive presentation on an issue due after the holidays!


Workshop – Extract responses

Hi all here the documents and (video soon) for the start of our work on extracts.

Read this example of a high level extract response first. Take notes on the structure of each paragraph.

Frankenstein response – High level extract response example

Once you have read the response, look at the exam to find the three passages that inspired this discussion.

VCAA – 2012 lit exam

Now look at the examiner’s report to see what people generally did well and what people who did well did. Then read the examination advice for this year’s Y12s to get an idea of what examiners want from an extract response.

VCAA – 2012 Literature examiner’s report

VCAA Literature Examination advice

Y11 English PREP: T3 Week 8

Good day, here’s the PREP.

  1. Make sure you’re up to date with what we’ve done in class this week, here -> Classwork – T3 Week 8
  2. Your research into the issue you have chosen to present on should be well underway by now. Check the ‘presenting’ tag to find the supporting resources for this assessment task.
  3. Right now your practice essay’s are overdue and need to be completed and handed in to recieve feedback.
  4. The padlet chapter questions need to be designed, swapped and answered before class Tuesday if you did not get that done in class today.
  5. We watched this video today -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re53vgaVFvI please watch and list some of the techniques used and examples