12-LITERATURE: Fri 9-Oct

There is a kinship between the Oresteia and ourselves; a mutual need to recognize the fragility of our culture, to restore some reverence for the Great Mother and her works, and especially to embrace the Furies within ourselves, persuading them, perhaps, to invigorate our lives. – Fagles

The PREP this weekend is:

  • Post your ‘stolen style’ sentences as a comment on this post [ASAP]
  • Complete some self-guided revision of ‘Agamemnon’
  • Email me your poem resource [Due Monday]

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature: ‘Handwriting Club’ task #1

Hey team,

it may not be written in the examiner’s report, but one surefire way to get an examiner on side is to have handwriting that they can easily read. I know I’m not one that can sit on my high horse and preach about my own handwriting, but I can certainly teach you a few tricks to make yours easier to read; it’s not about anything other than optimising your chances for success in the exam 🙂

here’s our first task, due before the GAT -> Handwriting club – task 1