Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T4 Week 4 [Fri.]

The PREP for the weekend is as follows;

  • catch up on PREP you have missed. look at previous posts to find out what it is.
  • complete essay self assessment. [see lesson plans attached for this]
  • complete traffic lights for Exam key knowledge and skills -> Key knowledge – End of year

Lesson Plans are here -> Y11 Eng Lang lessons – T4W4[fri]

EDMOB out.

Y11 Literature PREP: T4 Week 4

“Oodgeroo herself at times referred to her poems as simple or as propaganda…this was because of the need to get ‘seventh generation white Australians’ to listen, which required ‘shock tactics’, and she added that ‘I’d rather hit them with my words than pick up a gun and shoot them.’ ” – Karen Fox

The PREP this week is as follows;

  • Complete the plan for your creative response; following the structure from class/my video tutorial.
  • Read the section in the textbook on Poetry. Take some notes on key features and techniques that apply to what we are doing.
  • Define the techniques in this list -> Techniques
  • Email me ASAP if you need some help.

EDMOB out.

Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T4 Week 4 [Mon]

“In some dialects in northern England and the Midlands, many speakers indicate the past tense of ‘to be’ by saying I were, you were, he, she and it were, we were and they were. This means the verb is unmarked for person.” – Jonnie Robinson, British Library The PREP is as follows;

Edit your practice essay using the following process and re-write it once you are done.

  • Go through your piece and cut any unnecessary sentences/words
  • Underline/highlight any sentences that you need to re-work (ask a peer if you need to)
  • Find more evidence you can use for each BP
  • Look for opportunities to include metalanguage

Here is today’s lesson plan -> Y11 Eng Lang lessons – T4W4 EDMOB out

Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T4 Week 3 [Fri]

The PREP for this weekend is as follows;

  • Catch up on everything.
  • Add to google doc from last week
  • Complete resource on your chosen variation of English
  • Complete readings from last post and summaries.
  • Bring your practice essay and scrapbook responses you have done this semester in to class on Monday.


Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T4 Week 3 [Mon]

“Bilong me hangamapim bot stap pulap maleo.” – Allegedly this is Tok Pisin (bonus points of you can translate)

The PREP is as follows;

  • Finish adding definitions and examples to google doc
  • Ensure you have read the summary on Englishes in contact (pages 213-4)
  • Read and summarise pages 215-20
  • Bring in all of your scrapbook entries and practice essays on Friday

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature: Final exam PREP

Hi team,

congratulations on an exceptional year’s work! I am very proud of all you.

Welcome to the ‘Big Show’. In a few short weeks you’ll be sitting in the library writing your last VCE Literature essay ever. This post is intended to provide you with a few exercises to ensure you are prepared to the best of your ability.

  • Develop/revise your notes on the four examinable texts. (Working with a study group on these is a solid option)
  • Work on the questions on your collaborative google doc. (put your answers in there and try to challenge each other)
  • Re-read the examiners reports and sample high-level responses to use actual responses to inform your approach.
  • Write practice papers and submit these to me for feedback.
  • Work on your vocab and glossaries, to maximise your lexical prowess.
  • Use the links to the online resources you’ve made throughout the year as a revision tool. That’s why we did them.
  • Come in to school when you can over SWOTVAC and during the exams, if you can. I’ll be happy to help out with anything.
  • Fill in this doc for our revision of Dark Roots from class today -> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1clIHFx4aOYeF1SYPrj6TgI5M5xtVDpSyHYFCIWFHVqs/edit?usp=sharing

Keep your motivation levels high, eat well, get your 8 hours of sleep and aim for an hour exercise a day. It will help keep your mind sharp and active. Most importantly, contact me with any questions or for assistance and feedback on your work. Supporting your success in any way I can is now my top priority.

For the last time,

EDMOB out.

Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T4 Week 2 [mon]

“Anyhow, my current working hypothesis is that the Chinese are just like the Spanish, only farther away.” –  on whether we should laugh at Chinglish

The PREP is as follows;


Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T4 Week 1 [Fri]

“Language is not a plant that rises and falls, lives and decays. It’s a tool that’s perfectly adapted by the people using it. Get on with living and talking.” – Philip Howard on language death

The PREP for the weekend is as follows;

  • Check the last two posts and make sure you’re up to date.
  • Do a quick re-read over the chapter. Look for terms or words that you are unsure of, and list them down so we can expand our knowledge of metalanguage.

EDMOB out.

Y12 Literature PREP: T4 Week 1 [Fri]

“You’re getting everyone’s point of view at the same time, which, for me, is the perfect state for a novel: a cubist state, the cubist novel.” – Michael Ondaatje

The PREP this weekend is as follows;

  • Check the post from Monday and make sure you’re up to date.
  • Practice annotation – See page at back of exam prep booklet and annotate first suggested passage for The Cat’s Table to refresh your memory of this text.
  • Ensure you are prepared for the SAC on Monday.
  • Continue your exam preparations; text revision folder, questions and seeking feedback on your extract responses.

Don’t forget, the Ultimate lexical deathmatch is on! To the victor go the spoils, so word up.

EDMOB out.