11-LITERATURE: Wed 28-May

Hey everyone,

make sure that you’re all preparing for the essay on Tuesday;

  • develop a single-sided help sheet
  • look at the rubric -> Assessment Rubric – AOS 3
  • write practice paragraphs and send to me for feedback

Remember that this essay is about how the film presents ideas and concerns so talk about:

  • characterisation
  • cinematic techniques
  • use evidence (quotes and analysis of scenes)

Email me if you need anything 🙂


Hi everyone;

PREP this week is as follows;

  • REVISE for the SAC on Friday
  • Complete any incomplete tasks, if need be (this will help your revision)
  • Know/learn cinematic techniques, record in glossary
  • Write a practice essay and submit it [based on NY Times review]
    • Have 3-5 questions for me to answer about your writing, be specific

Don’t forget!
You must attend class on FRIDAY to complete the SAC. If you are absent you must provide a doctor’s certificate. If you know that you cannot attend on Friday please arrange a meeting with myself and Mrs Smith to discuss alternatives.

You will be responding to this review -> Assessment Task – Review
These are the instructions -> Assessment Task – Unit 3 Literature AOS 3

This info is also in current tasks section of OneNote


12-LITERATURE PREP: Thurs 19-Feb


The PREP is as follows; [This has been edited as of Friday 20th Feb]

  • Read pp. 104-107 of the textbook [by Friday 20th Feb]
  • Have at least 4 examples of close analysis for each of the four areas of close analysis [by Monday 23rd Feb]
  • Complete pre-reading questions for pp. 104-107 [by Monday 23rd Feb]
  • Complete your practice alternative viewpoints essay on the NY Times review. [bu Monday 23rd]
  • Complete any incomplete tasks, if need be, this will help your revision. [by Monday 23rd Feb]

If you need to find any tasks just go to the ‘Current tasks’ OneNote. This is where you’ll find the ‘pre-readings’ and task pages.

Toodle pip.


“At night! I think of my piano in its ocean grave.” – Ada McGrath

The PREP for the weekend is as follows;

  • Complete ‘ways to use ER’ task
  • Complete ‘key scenes’ task
  • Complete week 3 pre-readings

Please refer to the OneNote to find these tasks, email me if you don’t have access and I will help you out.

EDMOB out.


“‘Twere good he had God’s patience, for silence affects everyone in the end. The strange thing is, I don’t think myself silent.” – Ada McGrath

The PREP this week is as follows;

  • Pre-read pp. 163-167 of textbook
    • Consider how the features of a review apply to the one you have chosen [table on page 165] make note of anything that stands out to you.
    • Create a table or mindmap explaining the viewpoints and the different types of assumptions the textbook outlines. [pages 165-167]
  • Pre-read pp. 67-78 of textbook
    • List the different types of setting/context with a brief description in your own words
    • Explore/explain what ideology is and why it is important
    • Do you believe all of these elements of context can/should be considered as being independent of each other?
  • Complete questions 3&4 from activity at top of pg. 174 to develop the analysis of your review
    • Use this as practice for writing statements
  • Complete overdue tasks
  • Be sure to be reading set texts ahead of time (The Broken Shore is next)

Email if you need assistance.


12-LITERATURE PREP: Thurs 05-Feb

Sorry for the late post everyone, I done goofed.

Tonight’s PREP is:

  • Find a couple of short extracts of writing from an examiner’s report that you think are amazing.
    • Write a short response explaining what the writer does that is so good
  • Complete overdue PREP tasks [you must now attend a session at lunch on Monday, NON-OPTIONAL]

EMDOB out.