Y11 Literature PREP – T4 Week 1

PREP time!

  1. Prepare yourself for the extract response we will begin on Monday. You may bring in any class notes, or handwritten notes you have created. You may also bring the text.
  2. Look through the posts in the literature tag, to help you prepare.
  3. Read through the short stories by Lawson and Beynton.
  4. This is the work we have completed in class this week -> Classwork – T4 Week 1


Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Holidays

Holiday, it is, the best day.

  1. Please finish reading the text
  2. Go to the post, ‘Workshop – Extract responses’ and read through the examples, following the instructions I have posted.
  3. Go to the post ‘Tutorial – approaching extract responses’ and watch the video/read the notes
  4. Watch all other video tutorials in the MoV tag if you haven’t already. There are at least 3.
  5. Finish your work on the padlet walls for theme, character and techniques. the more we have the more knowledge we have.


Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Week 8

PREP time, anon!

  1. Re-read acts 1&2 for Monday’s class and Acts 3&4 for Wednesday.
  2. Watch the soon to be posted video tutorial for an explanation of why ‘the Jew’ is such an important character in this text.
  3. If you have not completed your essay on Gatsby, prepare yourself and see me/email me with any questions.
  4. Check what we did in class here ->Classwork – T3 Week 8 and catch up on anything you missed.

EDMOB out.