Y12 Literature: Final exam PREP

Hi team,

congratulations on an exceptional year’s work! I am very proud of all you.

Welcome to the ‘Big Show’. In a few short weeks you’ll be sitting in the library writing your last VCE Literature essay ever. This post is intended to provide you with a few exercises to ensure you are prepared to the best of your ability.

  • Develop/revise your notes on the four examinable texts. (Working with a study group on these is a solid option)
  • Work on the questions on your collaborative google doc. (put your answers in there and try to challenge each other)
  • Re-read the examiners reports and sample high-level responses to use actual responses to inform your approach.
  • Write practice papers and submit these to me for feedback.
  • Work on your vocab and glossaries, to maximise your lexical prowess.
  • Use the links to the online resources you’ve made throughout the year as a revision tool. That’s why we did them.
  • Come in to school when you can over SWOTVAC and during the exams, if you can. I’ll be happy to help out with anything.
  • Fill in this doc for our revision of Dark Roots from class today -> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1clIHFx4aOYeF1SYPrj6TgI5M5xtVDpSyHYFCIWFHVqs/edit?usp=sharing

Keep your motivation levels high, eat well, get your 8 hours of sleep and aim for an hour exercise a day. It will help keep your mind sharp and active. Most importantly, contact me with any questions or for assistance and feedback on your work. Supporting your success in any way I can is now my top priority.

For the last time,

EDMOB out.