Y11 Literature: Holiday PREP

I hope that everyone is having a restful and happy holidays,

Sorry to make a small dent in the rest and happiness, but here is the homework for the holidays;

  1. Prepare a presentation on a text of your choice. (There is a blog post with instructions on what needs to be included called ‘Personal Response Task’)
  2. Find a song with some lyrics that are not purely literal and require some interpretation, save the lyrics in a word document and print off a copy to bring to class.

This will be due on the first day back, the second task will help us to prepare for the film we are going to watch.

Smell ya later,


English Holiday PREP work

Hi, Hello, how are you?

Happy holidays, here is the English PREP work, to be completed and handed in by the first Tuesday of Term 2.

  1. Complete the webquest at this link, the website has all of the instructions http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=68364
  2. Follow this link for instructions on the Shakespeare research task and the sign-up sheet https://docs.google.com/document/d/12lumO2Ld_ve8-F_dSjSeso_K4l_14C5x7GkNIEJWek4/edit?usp=sharing

Please complete this it is important to help get you ready to read the play.


IMPORTANT! Read this!

Important reminders to all learners, students and automatons in my classes.

  1. Make sure that you have made a time to see me at the Student, Parent Teacher conversations next week.

  2. If you have missed an assessment task you MUST see me as soon as possible to rearrange, otherwise you are in danger of not receiving an ‘S’ and thus failing Unit 1.

Please take heed of this transmission, it is for your information and for your benefit.


Y11 English and Y11 Literature assessment pieces.

This reminder is for everyone, so read attentively.

Both classes will be writing assessment pieces in class this week, so it is doubly important for you to be up to date and familiar with the following things:

  1. The text/s you have studied.
  2. Having accurate and well-developed notes following structures given to you in class. (‘connecting the dots’ for English & notetaking document for Lit)
  3. Have completed as much of the PREP tasks and classroom activities as you can to further develop your understanding.
  4. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthily and avoid energy drinks to keep your body at its physical peak.

I hope this advice will help you to achieve the best possible results that you can, because as in life, there’s not much point in only showing off a portion of the skills that you have.

EDMOB out.

brace yourself

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Week 7 PREP: Y11 Lit

Greetings, literary drifters, cinephiles, penguins and octopuses.

This weeks PREP is simple:

  1. Be prepared for assessment task on Wednesday by going through my blog posts for Lit, contributing and reading supporting documents. Make sure you look in the right places to find what you need to know.
  2. Know how to write a text response by looking at the almanac part c @ http://redspacerocket.com/almanac/

In preparedness, we trust.