12-LITERATURE: Fri 18-Sep

‘The Waste Land’ is a major work of modernist literature. Written in the aftermath of the First World War, Eliot’s poem describes the disorganization and collapse of society- Perrry Schein

Don’t Forget:
Classes over the term break. 1st Monday will be for revision. 2nd Tuesday will be the practice exam and SAC for U4AOS2.

The PREP over the break is:

  • Revise All the Pretty Horses and write practice close analysis
  • Come to two holiday classes
  • Complete the ‘poem task’


11-LANGUAGE: Fri 18-Sep

It seems the social media savvy foreign minister backflipped on the late-night blocking spree she went on some months ago, when #blockedbybishop started trending.

She was certainly far more gracious this time, sparking an “emoji-nal” follow-fest while keeping her emoji game strong.- Liz Burke

The PREP for the break is:

  • Complete and submit any of the major assessment tasks for U2AOS1. [Timeline, Ad Comparison & Scrapbooks]
  • Complete the set pre-readings [Due Monday week 1]

11-LITERATURE: Wed 16-Sep

[Shylock] seems the depositary of the vengeance of his race; and though the long habit of brooding over daily insults and injuries has crusted over his temper with inveterate mis-anthropy, and hardened him against the contempt of mankind, this adds but little to the triumphant pretensions of his enemies.- Hazlitt

Don’t forget:
I will be at school on Monday 21st (9-12) for a revision session and Tuesday 29th (9-12) for a practice exam. You are very welcome to join and get some help with stuff, and even complete a practice essay.

The PREP for the term break is:

  • Develop revision resources for yourself that you can put up everywhere at home and will see ALL THE TIME
  • Know the play well, re-read if need be
  • Be sure you know the process to follow before you start writing.
  • Read the poems I have been handing out.

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Mon 14-Sep

These journeys force the protagonists of the Border Trilogy to view themselves and their surroundings in light of the experiences gained during their travels—a process that challenges personal identity and commonly held beliefs, such as the function of an international border in the natural world. – Carl Fredrik Schou Straumsheim

The PREP is:

  • Complete revision tasks for All the Pretty Horses and Eliot’s poetry, especially revision table and features table. [ongoing]
  • Finish using words task [Due Thursday]
  • Choose one sample exam response we haven’t looked at in class, read it and know it well. [due Friday]

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Fri 11-Sep

‘If what you know about Ol’ Cormac was gleaned from the so-called “Border Trilogy”—All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing and Cities of the Plain (1998)—stormy as they are—you likely have a rather more sunny view of the author than his complete body of work warrants. Those books after all, are lightened by a tone of nostalgia for the old west and Americana in general’ – Don Williams

The PREP is:

  • Finish practice essay [due Monday]
  • Re pre-read pp. 204-211 of the textbook on how to write this type of response [to help writing practice essay]
  • Finish W9- using words task [due Thursday]
  • Also read through sample exam responses, either VCAA or textbook is fine [due Thursday]


11-LITERATURE: Wed 09-Sep

The PREP this week is:

  • Prepare for assessment task next week (Wednesday) by completing tasks in OneNote [plot and structure, padlets, board notes, pre-readings]
  • Complete Week 9 pre-readings. [due Tuesday]
  • Submit your practice response for feedback

EDMOB out.

11- LANGUAGE: Mon 7-Sep

Portmanteaus can be dumb or brilliant, but either way they are necessary to convey a number of necessary messages in today’s day and age. We have used the same general vocabulary words for centuries, regardless how much every day life has changed. – http://expandedconsciousness.com/

The PREP this week is:

  • get up to date with pre-readings
  • finish and submit advertisement comparison
  • work on scrapbook responses

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Mon 7-Sep

Rawlins also lacks John Grady’s moral code… he also does not seem to have the drive to find something of meaning in the West that John Grady possesses. The travels are more like an adventure to him. – Lisa Stevens

The PREP is:

  • Finish writing/revising this essay [due Friday]
  • Continue completing tasks on text to a high standard [ongoing]
  • Read ‘Prufrock’: what does it mean? Identify key ideas, features, techniques that you’ve also seen in ‘The Wasteland’. [due Friday]
  • Read through ‘Portrait of a Lady’ and ‘Preludes’ highlight and annotate the bits you notice. [due Friday]

EDMOB out.