12-LITERATURE: Fri 11-Sep

‘If what you know about Ol’ Cormac was gleaned from the so-called “Border Trilogy”—All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing and Cities of the Plain (1998)—stormy as they are—you likely have a rather more sunny view of the author than his complete body of work warrants. Those books after all, are lightened by a tone of nostalgia for the old west and Americana in general’ – Don Williams

The PREP is:

  • Finish practice essay [due Monday]
  • Re pre-read pp. 204-211 of the textbook on how to write this type of response [to help writing practice essay]
  • Finish W9- using words task [due Thursday]
  • Also read through sample exam responses, either VCAA or textbook is fine [due Thursday]


One thought on “12-LITERATURE: Fri 11-Sep

  1. It’s possible I won’t be able to make it to school today at all, and I likely won’t be there until the end of Lit regardless.

    – Dylan

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