Week 5: Y11 English PREP

Hi everyone,

here is this week’s PREP, due on Tuesday.

Finish reading the book
Finish beliefs paragraph
Be sure to make notes on how the context plays out – ‘Staying true to your beliefs is more important than belonging’
Go to blog and contribute to documents. https://bluebananabread.wordpress.com/category/english/Read the almanac Part D: Context expository response at http://redspacerocket.com/almanac/

Week 5 PREP: Y11 Literature

Hello humanoids,

this is a computer generated message bearing news of your PREP assignments this solar week.


  1. Finish reading text
  2. Read ‘3 ways to read a text’ and write a short response sharing your thoughts.
  3. Add to documents linked on https://bluebananabread.wordpress.com/ (you know why I keep pushing these now)
  4. Find an interpretation/representation/version/part of Oedipus Rex being performed in some way and share the link through the blog. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-qoI1uqAYbBzRlisxHEJKh08-DVEcAgo3RuD9TkUMUM/edit?usp=sharing

Transmission complete.

Week 4 PREP: Y11 English

Here is your PREP for this week, due on Tuesday 26th

  • Finish reading the book

Enjoy your weekends and feel free to email me with any questions,


Week 3 PREP Y11 Literature

Howdy Y’all, here’s the homework for the weekend from Wednesday’s class. Hope that you enjoy some relaxation, but make some time to get this stuff done.

EDMOB out.

  1. Finish first reading of text.
  2. Find a reference to, extract from, review or performance of the text for next class.
  3. Complete another journal entry.
  4. Working on documents on the blog (filter by ‘Literature’ at bottom of page)