Close Reading: How to Read a Poem

How to be better at close-reading poetry in a few simple steps ‘Close reading’ is not as straightforward as it may appear. Many readers of poetry, for instance, may have encountered ‘close readings’ of poems which are anything but. They’re not so much ‘close’ as ‘at arm’s length’. What if you want to get really close to […]

October 18 in Literature: Moby-Dick is Published in London

ATTN Y12’s : Good stuff in this for you about how Eliot uses time!!

The most significant events in the history of books on the 18th of October 1785: Thomas Love Peacock is born. He was the author of several satirical novels such as Headlong Hall (1815) and Nightmare Abbey (1818), and was also the father-in-law of the fascinating Victorian writer, George Meredith. Peacock also provides us with the first recorded use […]

Five Fascinating Facts about ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’

A short introduction to the landmark poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ by T. S. Eliot 1. One poetry bookseller rejected the poem on the grounds that it was ‘absolutely insane’. Harold Monro, influential publisher and owner of the Poetry Bookshop in London, was offered the chance to publish ‘The Love Song of […]

12-LITERATURE: Fri 08-May

Hi Everyone,

The PREP for the week is as follows;

  • Ensure you have written analysis and description paragraphs [due Thursday]
  • Complete W4 pre-reading questions
  • Complete ‘plot summaries’ task
  • Complete ‘context research’ task, including comparison/contrasting

Info for Monday’s class

I will not be here on Monday. I expect you to be in the learning space at 9am to have your named marked off the roll by Mrs. Tyzack and that you will be working on the tasks i have set for the day.

see here for list of set tasks-> work for monday

Y12 Literature PREP: T2 Week 9 (Monday)

“I made a little fire and [did my PREP]. Five more weeks and I can get a mountain bike.” – ‘Cold Snap’

The PREP this week is as follows;

  • Complete context task (Mon 16th)
  • Complete analysis of story (Mon 16th)
  • Start planning/drafting your creative response
  • Pre-read chapter 6 (pages 180-199)
  • Have a squiz at the online resources in the literature links page
  • Extension – have a read of the stories by Libbie Chellew (‘Stomp’, ‘Digital Baby’, and ‘Razors’)

Please be sure to email me a link to the resources you’ve created so I can post them in the links section 🙂

Now, to the serious business of breakfast! I will be in the classroom at 8:30 and would appreciate anyone who can make it in early to get some of the cooking done prior to class commencing at 8:55. Also, as we know, first in = first served, which will be quite literal in this case. I am aiming to cover using mark-up in Word, prior to starting the planning phase at 9:45. Any other time we have prior to that will be for planning, eating and festivities!

EDMOB out.

Y11 Literature PREP: T4 Week 4

Hi, guys, this week’s PREP is;

  1. To complete and post your story analysis by MONDAY. Just focus on one or two major features/techniques/themes from the story to make it easier.
  2. Write down some story ideas and come in with them on Monday, ready to receive some feedback.
  3. Come in with a list of 10  high-value words used in a sentence to describe one of the stories.
  4. Catch up on any missed classwork -> Classwork – T4W4