11-LITERATURE: Wed 16-Sep

[Shylock] seems the depositary of the vengeance of his race; and though the long habit of brooding over daily insults and injuries has crusted over his temper with inveterate mis-anthropy, and hardened him against the contempt of mankind, this adds but little to the triumphant pretensions of his enemies.- Hazlitt

Don’t forget:
I will be at school on Monday 21st (9-12) for a revision session and Tuesday 29th (9-12) for a practice exam. You are very welcome to join and get some help with stuff, and even complete a practice essay.

The PREP for the term break is:

  • Develop revision resources for yourself that you can put up everywhere at home and will see ALL THE TIME
  • Know the play well, re-read if need be
  • Be sure you know the process to follow before you start writing.
  • Read the poems I have been handing out.

EDMOB out.

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