Close Reading: How to Read a Poem

How to be better at close-reading poetry in a few simple steps ‘Close reading’ is not as straightforward as it may appear. Many readers of poetry, for instance, may have encountered ‘close readings’ of poems which are anything but. They’re not so much ‘close’ as ‘at arm’s length’. What if you want to get really close to […]

11-LITERATURE: Creative responses

Hey everyone,

sorry for the late post, but just wanted to clarify how and when the creative will be submitted.

  • You will need to email/web message final drafts of poetry to me before Thursday 12th November
  • I will run a workshop on writing the reflection in class on Tuesday to show you how to write these. (I will also do one during IRP/Tutorial tomorrow)
  • You will need to send me your finished reflections before Monday 16th November

If there are any questions please feel free to email me or come see me at school 🙂

EDMOB out.