Y11 English PREP: T3 Holidays

School’s out for springtime!

  1. Complete the preparation of your presentation. It’s due to be delivered during the first class after holidays.
  2. Watch the video tutorials and look through the other resources in the ‘presenting’ tag.
  3. Write about three articles related to belonging in your obs book.
  4. Email me with any work that you would like feedback on.


Y11 English PREP: T3 Week 8

Good day, here’s the PREP.

  1. Make sure you’re up to date with what we’ve done in class this week, here -> Classwork – T3 Week 8
  2. Your research into the issue you have chosen to present on should be well underway by now. Check the ‘presenting’ tag to find the supporting resources for this assessment task.
  3. Right now your practice essay’s are overdue and need to be completed and handed in to recieve feedback.
  4. The padlet chapter questions need to be designed, swapped and answered before class Tuesday if you did not get that done in class today.
  5. We watched this video today -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re53vgaVFvI please watch and list some of the techniques used and examples


Y11 English: Unit 2 Oral Presentation

Hi all,

Here is the infor for the new oral presentation task. There will be a video to come soon.

Unit 2 oral presentation task

Unit 2 Oral presentation description of standard expected

Unit 2 oral presentation rubric

go to this site to watch some videos explaining how to develop an effective presentation -> http://www.present2connect.org/


AND, please post your chosen topic here -> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TZ0f-67bVyJ_-Cs1tEmND9LqStHp7wo-vn96g14ESwE/edit?usp=sharing