Y11 English PREP: T4 Week 4

Hi everyone, here’s the PREP.

  1. Go for 2 more entries in your obs book.
  2. Complete another task from the witness assignment
  3. Catch up on any work you missed from classes -> Classwork – T4W4


Y11 English PREP: T4 Week 3

Hey, this is the PREP,

  1. Two articles in obs book, pertaining to ‘Identity and Belonging’.
  2. 1 item from the task matrix assignment, which is here ->witness task matrix
  3. Access http://www.vcestudyguides.com/guides/context/identity-and-belonging to get some ideas on possible prompts and responses.
  4. Find and bring in one example of a creative or persuasive response to ‘identity and belonging’ on Tuesday