12-LITERATURE: Fri 9-Oct

There is a kinship between the Oresteia and ourselves; a mutual need to recognize the fragility of our culture, to restore some reverence for the Great Mother and her works, and especially to embrace the Furies within ourselves, persuading them, perhaps, to invigorate our lives. – Fagles

The PREP this weekend is:

  • Post your ‘stolen style’ sentences as a comment on this post [ASAP]
  • Complete some self-guided revision of ‘Agamemnon’
  • Email me your poem resource [Due Monday]

EDMOB out.

11-LANGUAGE: Mon 05-Oct

Whitesplaining – derived from “mansplaining” – is a new, zietgeisty, word, but it’s essentially an expression of privilege: the unconscious, unearned and largely un-examined benefits of prejudice. – Catriona Elder

The PREP this week is:

  • Complete T4W1 pre-readings [Due Friday]
  • Submit overdue assessment tasks [Due Monday]
  • Complete any unfinished pre-readings for revision


12-LITERATURE: Fri 18-Sep

‘The Waste Land’ is a major work of modernist literature. Written in the aftermath of the First World War, Eliot’s poem describes the disorganization and collapse of society- Perrry Schein

Don’t Forget:
Classes over the term break. 1st Monday will be for revision. 2nd Tuesday will be the practice exam and SAC for U4AOS2.

The PREP over the break is:

  • Revise All the Pretty Horses and write practice close analysis
  • Come to two holiday classes
  • Complete the ‘poem task’


11-LANGUAGE: Fri 18-Sep

It seems the social media savvy foreign minister backflipped on the late-night blocking spree she went on some months ago, when #blockedbybishop started trending.

She was certainly far more gracious this time, sparking an “emoji-nal” follow-fest while keeping her emoji game strong.- Liz Burke

The PREP for the break is:

  • Complete and submit any of the major assessment tasks for U2AOS1. [Timeline, Ad Comparison & Scrapbooks]
  • Complete the set pre-readings [Due Monday week 1]

12-LITERATURE: Mon 14-Sep

These journeys force the protagonists of the Border Trilogy to view themselves and their surroundings in light of the experiences gained during their travels—a process that challenges personal identity and commonly held beliefs, such as the function of an international border in the natural world. – Carl Fredrik Schou Straumsheim

The PREP is:

  • Complete revision tasks for All the Pretty Horses and Eliot’s poetry, especially revision table and features table. [ongoing]
  • Finish using words task [Due Thursday]
  • Choose one sample exam response we haven’t looked at in class, read it and know it well. [due Friday]

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Fri 11-Sep

‘If what you know about Ol’ Cormac was gleaned from the so-called “Border Trilogy”—All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing and Cities of the Plain (1998)—stormy as they are—you likely have a rather more sunny view of the author than his complete body of work warrants. Those books after all, are lightened by a tone of nostalgia for the old west and Americana in general’ – Don Williams

The PREP is:

  • Finish practice essay [due Monday]
  • Re pre-read pp. 204-211 of the textbook on how to write this type of response [to help writing practice essay]
  • Finish W9- using words task [due Thursday]
  • Also read through sample exam responses, either VCAA or textbook is fine [due Thursday]


12-LITERATURE: Mon 7-Sep

Rawlins also lacks John Grady’s moral code… he also does not seem to have the drive to find something of meaning in the West that John Grady possesses. The travels are more like an adventure to him. – Lisa Stevens

The PREP is:

  • Finish writing/revising this essay [due Friday]
  • Continue completing tasks on text to a high standard [ongoing]
  • Read ‘Prufrock’: what does it mean? Identify key ideas, features, techniques that you’ve also seen in ‘The Wasteland’. [due Friday]
  • Read through ‘Portrait of a Lady’ and ‘Preludes’ highlight and annotate the bits you notice. [due Friday]

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Fri 04-Sep

Fate to Grady is almost like a religion it pushes him onward dispite his troubles… although fate appears unavoidable, the is a responsibility on people and the choices they make. – Lisa Stevens

The PREP is-

  • complete holiday class survey [link in my lesson plan]
  • check revision lecture links [in lesson plan]
  • finish plan and share it with two others, taking notes and improving it [due Monday]
  • read through rubric for this unit and compare it to the marking guide for the exam

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Mon 31-Aug

Hey everyone, I’m not in today so please read the attached document to see what I expect everyone to be doing for today’s session -> Week 8 Session 1

One of the symbols that critics seized upon was the enduring image of the cowboy in American culture. In short, this second branch of criticism highlighted the loss of an ‘old way,’ and the painful extinction of American pastoralism—the idolized rural lifestyle.

The PREP for this week is:

  • Fill out Revision table with views and values presented with relation to journeys [by Monday]
  • Read through final lines of ‘A game of chess’, identify the reference and write a paragraph about how this is a motif reflected throughout the poem. [due Friday]
  • Complete Week 7 pre-readings [due Friday]
  • Complete evaluation tasks 1&2 [due Thursday]

EDMOB out.