11-LITERATURE: Wed 14-Oct

Bobbi Sykes knows well the difficulties facing Aboriginal poets who write into visibility, against and through the preconceptions of both dominant Australian culture and literary critics, the multiple complexities of Aboriginal identity, history and politics. – Jennifer Kelly

The PREP is:

  • Complete W1-Poets and Context research
  • Complete W2- Responding creatively to texts
  • Draft some creative responses
  • Pre-readings to help knowledge of poetic features

EDMOB out.

11-LANGUAGE: Mon 12-Oct

“If you standardize all these signs, you not only take away the little giggle you get while strolling in the park but you lose a window into the Chinese mind,” said Mr. Radtke, who is the author of a pair of picture books that feature giggle-worthy Chinglish signs in their natural habitat.

The PREP this week is:

  • Finalise bibliography and research
  • Complete W2 pre-readings
  • Be ready to submit research task at end of Friday’s class


12-LITERATURE: Mon 12-Oct

The sea is both the reservoir of their riches and the incarnation of their never-ending strife, a harvest and a grisly reaping both. Thus the sea reflects the tapestries and Clytaemnestra’s victim, the deadliness beneath the surface grandeur of the fabrics and the man. – Fagles

The PREP this week is:

  • email me when finished poem resources
  • add opening sentences as comment to Friday’s homework post
  • revise
  • write practice exams to receive feedback


11-LANGUAGE: Fri 09-Oct

My answer is yes and no. To give millions a knowledge of English is to enslave them. The foundation that Macaulay laid of education has enslaved us. I do not suggest that he had any such intention, but that has been the result. Is not a sad commentary that we should have to speak of Home Rule in a foreign tongue?- Gandhi

The PREP is:

  • Complete W2 pre-readings [due Friday]
  • Complete some research on your variety [before Monday]
  • Submit any overdue assessment tasks

12-LITERATURE: Fri 9-Oct

There is a kinship between the Oresteia and ourselves; a mutual need to recognize the fragility of our culture, to restore some reverence for the Great Mother and her works, and especially to embrace the Furies within ourselves, persuading them, perhaps, to invigorate our lives. – Fagles

The PREP this weekend is:

  • Post your ‘stolen style’ sentences as a comment on this post [ASAP]
  • Complete some self-guided revision of ‘Agamemnon’
  • Email me your poem resource [Due Monday]

EDMOB out.

11-LITERATURE: Wed 07-Oct

There is every reason to believe that posterity will place Kath Walker as one of the leading poets of our time. Her poetry speaks for itself but, leaving aside the extraordinary gift, the historical and cultural confluences were unforeseeable and unrepeatable.- Malcolm Williamson

The PREP this week is:

  • Read the poems you have been given and make some annotations [due Tuesday]
  • Do some research into one of the poets and take notes in OneNote [due Tuesday]

EDMOB out.

11-LANGUAGE: Mon 05-Oct

Whitesplaining – derived from “mansplaining” – is a new, zietgeisty, word, but it’s essentially an expression of privilege: the unconscious, unearned and largely un-examined benefits of prejudice. – Catriona Elder

The PREP this week is:

  • Complete T4W1 pre-readings [Due Friday]
  • Submit overdue assessment tasks [Due Monday]
  • Complete any unfinished pre-readings for revision


12-LITERATURE: Fri 18-Sep

‘The Waste Land’ is a major work of modernist literature. Written in the aftermath of the First World War, Eliot’s poem describes the disorganization and collapse of society- Perrry Schein

Don’t Forget:
Classes over the term break. 1st Monday will be for revision. 2nd Tuesday will be the practice exam and SAC for U4AOS2.

The PREP over the break is:

  • Revise All the Pretty Horses and write practice close analysis
  • Come to two holiday classes
  • Complete the ‘poem task’


11-LANGUAGE: Fri 18-Sep

It seems the social media savvy foreign minister backflipped on the late-night blocking spree she went on some months ago, when #blockedbybishop started trending.

She was certainly far more gracious this time, sparking an “emoji-nal” follow-fest while keeping her emoji game strong.- Liz Burke

The PREP for the break is:

  • Complete and submit any of the major assessment tasks for U2AOS1. [Timeline, Ad Comparison & Scrapbooks]
  • Complete the set pre-readings [Due Monday week 1]

11-LITERATURE: Wed 16-Sep

[Shylock] seems the depositary of the vengeance of his race; and though the long habit of brooding over daily insults and injuries has crusted over his temper with inveterate mis-anthropy, and hardened him against the contempt of mankind, this adds but little to the triumphant pretensions of his enemies.- Hazlitt

Don’t forget:
I will be at school on Monday 21st (9-12) for a revision session and Tuesday 29th (9-12) for a practice exam. You are very welcome to join and get some help with stuff, and even complete a practice essay.

The PREP for the term break is:

  • Develop revision resources for yourself that you can put up everywhere at home and will see ALL THE TIME
  • Know the play well, re-read if need be
  • Be sure you know the process to follow before you start writing.
  • Read the poems I have been handing out.

EDMOB out.