11-LITERATURE: wikileaks

please feel free to email me if you need a hand with revision!

be sure to open and view the link below



11-LANGUAGE: Fri 06-Nov

Hey everybody,

the PREP is:

  • Complete flashcards/quizlet for revising the 5 subsystems
  • Be sure to complete and submit any overdue Assessment Tasks


11-LITERATURE: Creative responses

Hey everyone,

sorry for the late post, but just wanted to clarify how and when the creative will be submitted.

  • You will need to email/web message final drafts of poetry to me before Thursday 12th November
  • I will run a workshop on writing the reflection in class on Tuesday to show you how to write these. (I will also do one during IRP/Tutorial tomorrow)
  • You will need to send me your finished reflections before Monday 16th November

If there are any questions please feel free to email me or come see me at school 🙂

EDMOB out.

11-LANGUAGE: Fri 30-Oct

As we uncover how languages and their speakers differ from one another, we discover that human natures too can differ dramatically, depending on the languages we speak.- BORODITSKY

The PREP this weekend is:

  • Prepare for your essay
  • Ensure you have a help sheet and at least 2 quotes from your own research
  • Revise

EDMOB out.

11-LITERATURE: Wed 28-Oct

Hey everyone,

The PREP is:

  • Finish Drafts [Due today]
  • Finish context research task [Due Friday]
  • Work on finalising and publishing your drafts [Due Wed 4th Nov]
  • Pre-readings to help understanding of poetry

If you are battling with planning and writing your drafts I implore you to come see me ASAP so that I can assist. If I am unavailable email me and seek out students who were in class today so they can pass on the pearls of wisdom you missed. My message is that a clear plan will make it super easy to draft up your poetry!


11-LITERATURE: Tues 20-Oct

Particularly important is Sykes’s refusal to reinforce dominant assumptions of race as a fixed category that similarly fixes Aboriginality, and of colonization as the sole determinant of Aboriginal identity – Jennifer Kelly

The PREP this week is:

  • Finish plan for creative response in ‘W2-Responding creatively to texts’ [due Today]
  • Finish and submit context research task [overdue]
  • Draft your creative responses [due next week]
  • Pre-readings to help knowledge of poetic features [overdue]


October 18 in Literature: Moby-Dick is Published in London

ATTN Y12’s : Good stuff in this for you about how Eliot uses time!!

The most significant events in the history of books on the 18th of October 1785: Thomas Love Peacock is born. He was the author of several satirical novels such as Headlong Hall (1815) and Nightmare Abbey (1818), and was also the father-in-law of the fascinating Victorian writer, George Meredith. Peacock also provides us with the first recorded use […]


11-LANGUAGE: Mon 19-Oct

Hi everyone,

the PREP is:

  • Complete pre-readings [due Friday]
  • See EDMOB about any overdue ASSESSMENT TASKS (Timeline, Ad comparison, English variety research task, or scrapbooks)
  • Come to support sessions Monday and Wednesday lunch if you need help catching up.