12-LITERATURE: Fri 14-Aug

Hi everyone,

Friday lesson instructions:
as you know, I’m not in today. Please work on the following tasks:

  • Work on context task, to be finished next Monday
  • Also start work on W5 Character Construction, or the Revision table (both in OneNote)
  • use your time well!

The PREP is as follows:

  • complete context task and place link on the OneNote page [due Monday]
  • develop detailed notes on character construction
  • find, read and bring two examples of criticism of All The Pretty Horses to class on Monday

EDMOB out.

11-LITERATURE: Wed 12-Aug

Shakespeare probably intended to add another shade of darkness to the character of Shylock, by making him still formally devout while meditating his horrible vengeance. – Unknown critic

The PREP this week is as follows:

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Mon 10-Aug

It was always himself that the coward abandoned first. After this all other betrayals came easily. – Cormac McCarthy

The PREP for this week is:

  • Exam prep- T3W4 evaluation [due Thursday]
  • Prepare for vocab battle 2 [this Thursday]
  • Work on context resource [due Monday]
  • Take notes on All the Pretty Horses

EDMOB out.

12-LITERATURE: Fri 07-Aug

It takes very little to govern good people. Very little. And bad people can’t be governed at all. Or if they could I never heard of it.– Cormac McCarthy

The PREP is:

  • Finish [re]reading All the Pretty Horses [By Monday 10th]
  • complete overdue PREP tracker tasks and pre-readings
  • be resilient; it’s time to go faster


11-LANGUAGE: Fri 07-Aug

Hi everyone,

the PREP is below:

  • Find an example of older language use and one of very contemporary language use (like the ads I showed you) and bring to class on Monday
  • complete any overdue pre-readings
  • work on scrapbooks [6 due in six weeks time]


Top 10 Tips for Writing a Crappy First Draft

Claire Fuller


All writers have little tricks for how to get the first draft of their novel down on paper. I don’t plan at all, but I do allow myself to go back each time I sit down to write and do a little bit of editing; perhaps just 20% of the writing time I have available. I tell myself it’s to get ‘in the zone,’ but really it’s because I worry that I might be run over by a bus and someone would see my crappy first draft. Another way I mitigate this possibility is by writing [THIS IS SHITE] (square brackets included) every so often. This technique (which I wouldn’t really recommend) also silences my inner critic for a little while which means I can carry on churning out words.

But what other tips and tricks do writers use? I asked a few author friends and below I have compiled…

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