12-LITERATURE: Fri 05-June

‘I always write down quotes that inspire me, or bits of dialogue that inspire me. It is a bower-birding thing with words, but I’ve also found photos are incredibly evocative or even things I’ve clipped from the newspaper’– Cate Kennedy

The PREP is as follows;

  • Complete ‘Analysis 5’ [due next Thursday]
  • Find a passage from Dark Roots  that you think is appropriate for analysis and bring it to class [due next Thursday]
  • Find, read and bring in another short story [on Monday 15th]
  • Read and aim to understand assessment task and rubrics [Monday 15th]
  • Complete week 9 pre-readings [Monday 15th]
  • Complete context task [before Friday 19th]

Email me with any questions.

EDMOB out.


2 thoughts on “12-LITERATURE: Fri 05-June

  1. I may not be at school on Monday. Currently sick with god knows what, it’s making focusing even now fairly difficult. I’ll try to do whatever stuff you set before Thursday comes. -Dylan

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