12-LITERATURE: Fri 15-May

‘Dramatic action, therefore, is not with a view to the representation of character: character comes in as subsidiary to the actions.’- Aristotle

The PREP for this week is as follows;

  • Find two more examples of good analysis (from different essays) to add to your initial sample [due Thursday]
  • Complete week 5 pre-readings [at least episode 5 by Monday]
  • Develop a personal definition of ‘views and values’ [by Monday]
  • Complete ‘W5-Analysis 2’ and ‘description’ (if you need to)
  • Look at this http://sole.commercial.unimelb.edu.au/sole/public/VCEWinterschoolPoster.pdf

Email if you need any help with anything, or if you have written some analysis and want feedback



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