12-LITERATURE: Mon 23-Mar and Term 1 break

“Because my cousins will kill them. And after that, they’ll be very nasty to them.”- Joe Cashin

The PREP for this week is as follows;

  • Complete – W9- How to structure/what to write
  • Complete W9 pre-readings (added to page)
  • Complete W8- structure of an exam response by Thursday (use find tags button to find it)

The PREP for over the break is as follows;

  • Aim to watch film (more than once if possible)
  • Pre-readings pp. 128-131 on structure of response [added to W8 pre-readings]
  • Work on adding to W8- evidence table
  • Complete – W9- comparing/contrasting table
  • Read and summarise two reviews (add statements you find into your ‘Views & Values’ table where appropriate)
  • Complete – adding evidence to W8- views & values

Holiday Class
The class over the break will be on the first Monday (30th March) at 9am in the VCE centre. If you can’t make it in until later I’ll be hanging around as long as people are at school. There will be a lesson from around 9-11 and you are welcome to stay afterwards if you wish. I recommend staying if you can and using this time to complete PREP so you can get help if you need it.

EDMOB out.

3 thoughts on “12-LITERATURE: Mon 23-Mar and Term 1 break

  1. Due to my mother’s schedule I won’t be able to arrive until something like 11:30, and probably won’t be able to leave until some time after one. Is that fine, Edmob?

  2. Won’t be arriving until a bit later than I was expecting to, well, a lot later. Leaving now, should be there are around 12:10.

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