11-LANGUAGE: Mon 23-Mar and Term 1 Break

Hi everyone,

The PREP for over the break is as follows;

  • Complete your 6 scrapbook responses (these are due to be submitted in our first lesson next term)
  • Complete Week 9 pre-readings and questions (in pre-reading page)
  • Ensure that you have completed all pre-readings and questions
  • Ensure that you have completed glossary entries for key terms covered so far in pre-readings
  • Ensure that your tasks for the subsystems we have studied so far are complete.
    • W4- P&P vocab and W4- P&P vocab 2
    • W5- morphology resource
    • W7- word classes
    • W8- sentence types

Holiday Class
I will be at school on the first Monday (30th Mar) from 9am until mid-afternoon in the VCE building if you wish to come along and get some PREP finished, or to get some assistance with any of the set tasks. I strongly recommend it for anyone who has been feeling a bit overwhelmed, as a way to get on top of things and get work out of the way early.

EDMOB out.

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