12-LITERATURE PREP: Thurs 19-Feb


The PREP is as follows; [This has been edited as of Friday 20th Feb]

  • Read pp. 104-107 of the textbook [by Friday 20th Feb]
  • Have at least 4 examples of close analysis for each of the four areas of close analysis [by Monday 23rd Feb]
  • Complete pre-reading questions for pp. 104-107 [by Monday 23rd Feb]
  • Complete your practice alternative viewpoints essay on the NY Times review. [bu Monday 23rd]
  • Complete any incomplete tasks, if need be, this will help your revision. [by Monday 23rd Feb]

If you need to find any tasks just go to the ‘Current tasks’ OneNote. This is where you’ll find the ‘pre-readings’ and task pages.

Toodle pip.

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