12-LITERATURE PREP: Monday 02-Feb

Hi everyone,

The PREP is as follows;

  • Ensure you have located a review, sent it to me, read it and completed the response to it. [this was part of holiday PREP] -> 12-LITERATURE Transition Info
  • Complete pre-reading pp. 175-179 for a model of how to unpack a review
    • Take notes under three categories; I know this; I hadn’t thought about this (but it makes sense); I don’t get this.
    • Feel free to highlight/use pencil/use sticky notes to annotate on your textbook as you read
  • Pre-read pages 79-83 from the textbook for a refresher on how to analyse a literary text
    • What are the four levels of reading
    • Summarise the key things you should do at each level (these notes will help you in all units this year)
  • Write a paragraph exploring why an author’s intended meaning may be different to what the reader takes from the text.
  • Complete ‘Part 1’ from the task we began in class today -> Task- Context
  • Follow the blog so you get sent any updates

I will be available Tuesdays during lunch to assist with PREP, readings or classwork. I will be in the DAT building.

EDMOB out.


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