Welcome to Year 12! I’m excited for the year ahead and I hope you are too.

The PREP is as follows;

  • Organise your folder [by Friday 30th]
    • Have six sections with loose-leaf and plastic pockets in each section.
  • Pre-read pages 163-167 in textbook [by Friday 30th]
    • Take notes in AOS3 section of folder using sub-headings.
  • Ensure that you’ve completed and handed in holiday PREP

*EDIT* [Friday 30th Jan]

There will be more PREP added to this post tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.

EDMOB out.


2 thoughts on “12-LITERATURE PREP: T1 Week 1

  1. Blehh, I borrowed the USB I needed off of David, my memory went ‘poof’ and then I just walked *straight*, out, the door.
    Even though you kept reminding me… Sorry about that Edmob.
    I’ve got the folder organised, at least, and I’ll start reading Dark Roots.

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