Y12 Literature: For those who couldn’t attend classes over the break

Hi, this note is for everyone who wasn’t able to make it in over the break. Please make sure you catch up on the following things to be ready for class next Monday:

  • Self assess the practice essay we did during week 10 and then have a trusted peer assess it also. You need to focus on not only marking it accurately, but providing constructive feedback that will guide improvement.
  • Write another practice essay using the 2012 VCAA exam extracts, and again, self-assess it.
  • Read a wide range of people’s interpretations of our 4 examinable texts. By reading and considering alternative interpretations of the text you will broaden and challenge the ideas you have already developed.
  • Use study sites like Sparknotes and Schmoop to read summaries and look at questions to prompt your thinking on our 4 set texts.

Finally; A massive thanks to those of you who made it to school over the break. It was really great to see how many of you wanted to make the effort to improve your success and I was glad to be able to provide these opportunities.

Finally, a thought on ‘holidays’ from the great modern philosopher, Karl Pilkington.

“The reason I did the book about holidays is that you’re a different person on holiday. You’re sleeping somewhere unfamiliar, knocking about with people you’ve never met and for 10 days you’re someone else. You’re out of your comfortable zone.” – Karl Pilkington


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