Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Week 10

“These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Which, as they kiss, consume” – Romeo and Juliet

The PREP for the term break is as follows;

  • Annotate the extract that you chose from the play
    • Closely analyse the language/techniques and connect these to v+v of MoV
    • Make a connection to the play as a whole
    • Use the correct metalanguage
    • Consider and write out a couple of counter arguments to what you have said.
  • Start revising and developing your notes for the assessment task on MoV
    • As with our last assessment, you will not be allowed notes during the assessment.
  • Read and begin researching about Indigenous Australian poetry
    • Read the poems I have provided
    • Research one poet and develop a 1-page resource to explain what they are ‘all about’.
    • Find and read analyses of one of the poems, then write a summary that you can use to explain the poem to your peers.
    • Finally, begin drafting an early, rough draft of a creative response to this suite of poems.

Here are today’s notes on responding to extracts -> Notes – Responding to extracts

Here are the lesson plans from this week -> Y11 Literature Lessons T3Week10

Don’t forget; I will be at the school on Wednesday 24th of Sept and on Wednesday 1st Oct if you wish to drop in and get some help with or clarification about the PREP. Or even if you just want a space to be to get your work done without distraction.

EDMOB out.

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