Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T2 Week 3 (fri)

“My word is ‘dingus’.” – Diaz Sutherland

Your PREP this week is as follows;

  • Re-read sections on ‘Old English to Australian English’
  • Finish all overdue PREP tasks. There can be no exceptions here.
  • Find some interesting words that have originated in Australia.
  • Look at the resources that have been submitted so far in the English Language links page.

Great work today, everyone, was very proud of all of you!

EDMOB out.


2 thoughts on “Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T2 Week 3 (fri)

  1. I won’t be at school today. The doors of my car were literally (literally literally, literally literally literally literally) frozen shut, causing me to miss my bus by roughly 7 seconds (and unfortunately I can’t be driven in today). Mr Anawati and Mr Bullock probably won’t be very happy, but I’ve pretty much completed my Resource. The only issue is, I couldn’t quite find stuff for two of the slides. If you give me a bit of feedback I can work on it more today. Not like I’ll have anything else to do. Are you able to access it by yourself or do I need to send you a link?


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