Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Week 1

This week’s PREP is as follows, old sport;

You should aim to do your best to be up to date with all of the previously set tasks and readings. These are listed below.

  • Pre-read section in textbook on comparing and contrasting texts (Chapter 3) and take some notes
  • Pre-read section on film (pages 60-66)
  • Pre-read section on genre (pages 9-15)
  • Continue work on personal reflection of Gatsby(s)
  • Complete memes task
  • Complete context research task and send me a link
  • View film
  • Read novel and take notes on each chapter

For the tasks, the instructions have been attached in the previous two posts under the Y11 Literature tag.

“Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan seem surprisingly perfect as Daisy and Gatsby. The short scene in which Daisy meets Gatsby on a rainy day had just enough venerability and awkwardness that it came across as genuine. (Side note: Mulligan’s dancing eyebrow is extremely entertaining. Watch for it about fifty-two seconds in.)” – BrennanMcCracken, inharshlight.com

EDMOB out.


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