Y12 Literature PREP: End of T2 break

“You want to slap someone in the face and walk off.” – Libbie Chellew on the purpose of the short story

The PREP for the break is as follows;

  • Look at the post from Monday and complete those tasks
  • Develop and complete your first draft for submission next week
  • Continue developing notes on each story for quotes, language use and views and values
  • Pre-read section of text on short stories (pages 16-29)
  • EXTENSION pre-read section on genre (pages 9-15)
  • Don’t forget. Holiday class on Thursday 3rd July

This week’s lesson plans are here -> Y12 Literature Lessons – T2W10

Techniques research task ->Literary techniques task

Story analysis task -> Short Story research task

Context research task -> Context research task

I would like to congratulate everyone on a brilliant term’s work. I have been really pleased to see the work that has been done by each of you to improve and learn in Literature and this has been reflected in the improvements I have seen in your SAC results. I’m looking forward to an excellent Term 3.

EDMOB out.

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