Y12 Literature PREP: T2 Week 7

As week s’ven comes to a close, here’s the PREP;

  1. Pre-read the section of the textbook on ‘setting and contexts. (pages 67-78)
  2. Complete your 2nd/3rd reading of Dark Roots in preparation for the official start of Sem 2 on Monday 16th
  3. Complete context task (Mon 16th)
  4. Complete analysis of story (Mon 16th)
  5. Extension – Start planning/drafting your creative response
  6. Extension – have a read of the stories by Libbie Chellew (‘Stomp’, ‘Digital Baby’, and ‘Razors’)

I know this seems like a very long list for PREP this week, but in light of the two student-free days next week and the Thursday session being dedicated to getting out of quicksand, I am confident that it is very achievable.

I recommend focussing on completing the readings and the story analysis in your own private study (at school or home) and utilising Thursday’s class for the context task or any other pressing work.

Also, just wanted to send all my best for the GAT, it is easily the cheapest insurance policy you will ever get!

EDMOB out.


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