Y12 Literature PREP: T2 Week 7 (mon)

Hi everyone, here’s the PREP for this week;

  1. If you wish, have a go at some parts of the GAT and submit them for feedback.
  2. Pre-read the section of the textbook on ‘setting and contexts. (pages 67-78)
  3. Begin work on your online resource for the short story you’ve selected. It’s due on Monday the 16th. (more details are posted below)
  4. Complete your 2nd/3rd reading of Dark Roots in preparation for the official start of Sem 2 on Monday 16th.

Short story online resource task: the details of this task are here ->Short Story research task

(If you were absent today you will need to email/see me to let me know which story you will research and create a resource on, ASAP.)

The Unit 4 overview, which includes an outline of tasks and pre-readings is here -> OVERVIEW – Unit 4 Literature

It is lacking some finer detail, but all SAC dates are included, as is the timeline for creative response. You must be familiar with this.

Here’s to a prosperous unit 4!  EDMOB out.


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