Y11 Eng. Lang PREP: end T2 Week 3

EDMOB: Spoken language is, uh, like/

:good and stuff\”

Here’s the PREP for this weekend;

  • Re-read and take some notes on stages of language acquisition (88-92) and theories of language acquisition (102-108).
  • Find a piece of spoken language to transcribe and have a go at transcribing it (between 25-50 lines max)
  • Make sure you are adding to your glossary to fill all the gaps in your knowledge 🙂

Here’s the lesson plans for those who were absent -> Y11 Eng Language lessons – T2W3

Also, a massive thanks to the Y12’s who came in and helped/challenged what we know! and to all of you who prompted growth in my own knowledge of transcribed language!

EDMOB out.



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