Y12 Literature PREP: T1 break

“Let us go, you and I, with AOS 2 spread out against the sky…”

The PREP for over the break is as follows;

  1. Re-read The cat’s table and develop a full set of notes on the text.
    • I recommend using the chapters as a structure for your notes. Also be conscious that the narrative moves through time, so setting out your notes with reference to chronology is important.
    • A strategy for taking notes from the lunchtime workshop is here -> Note strategy – Cats table
    • Find and read some critical analyses of the novel, this will help you to identify the key techniques, views and values for this piece.
    • Email 2 analyses that you find to me so we can develop a learning resource.
  2. Read through the poetry by TS Eliot.
    • Take some notes if you can. Eliot is a notoriously difficult poet, so don’t be discouraged if he confuses you at first.
  3. I will be running a class for a couple of hours on Wednesday 16th of April, which you are all expected to attend.
    • I will post the time closer to the date. (please email me if you have a preference)
    • If you absolutely can’t  make it please email me. I am nothing if not fair and reasonable.

Our expectations are here -> Our expectations

I have been really happy to see the manner that everyone has approached our learning this term. You have all made some great strides on the road to VCE success. I have also loved the way you have embraced and provided feedback on the tasks we have been doing in class. Here’s to a spectacular Term 2.



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