Y11 Literature PREP: T1 Week 10 and T1 break

This is just the prologue for our investigation of Greek tragedy. I think our work will, however, be closer to an epic.

The PREP for our term break is as follows;

  1. Read the play you have chosen, and the other if you wish to extend your knowledge.
  2. Complete your journals.
  3. I will be at school on Wednesday 16th of April to run a class. I am expecting everyone will pop in at some point for an hour or so to check in with where you are at.
    • This will be primarily to support your reading of the texts and journal responses. I can also provide extension material for those who have completed this and want to further your knowledge.
    • I will post the times I will be at WHC as soon as I confirm them with the principals.
    • If you can’t make it please just email me to let me know.

I finally want to congratulate everyone on a fantastic start to the year. You have all shown me a willingness to learn, a thirst for knowledge and commitment to improvement. I can see a year of great achievement ahead!



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