Y11 Eng. Language PREP: T1 Week 10

The acronym PREP (which has almost become a word in itself) does provide some interesting semantic analysis!

Speaking of… here’s the PREP for this week and for the over the break;

  1. Complete you assigned definitions and examples for semantics and email these to Neven so they can be posted on your blog.
    • If you are unsure on what you were assigned then you should check with Neven or Diaz who moderate your blog.
  2. Make sure that by the first week of T2 your glossaries are completely up-to-date. You will need this to begin our work on discourse analysis.
  3. Make sure that you have 4 media pieces, an academic piece and a personal observation piece analysed for your Scrapbook/journal task.
    • You will need these ready to go for our first lesson next term. We will begin the feedback and improvement phase of our work on this task.
    • This phase is designed so you can improve your analyses and achieve greater success with this task.
  4. I will be running a class on Thursday at during lunch that I would like everyone to attend to clarify this work.
  5. I will also be running a class during the break on Wednesday 16th of April, which you are most welcome to attend.
    • The aim of this class will be to help you find and analyse pieces for your scrapbook.

The instructions for the scrapbook task are here -> Assessment – Scrapbook Task 2.0

Neven has also posted the example of annotation I went thru in class on http://trivialpursuitofenglishlanguage.wordpress.com/

Please email me with any questions or queries,



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