Y12 Literature PREP: T1 Week 9 (end)

PKD’s rather bleak outlook on humanity is most characterised in the way he presents his reader with humans and androids who are apparently separated by the ambiguous, inherent quality of ‘PREP’.

The week’s PREP is based around our preparation for the AOS 1 SAC;

  1. Revise the notes you have developed on the text. This means, re-reading, categorising and summarising them.
  2. Revise the resources that have been developed as a class.
    • look at our historical context resources in the ‘literature links’ page.
    • look at the vocab lists in the previous post
  3. Use your revision to create one page of notes that you can use in the SAC
    • key quotes
    • word bank
    • your thoughts on meaning in the texts
    • key scenes/passages for comparison
    • anything else you think would be good should be posted as a comment here

Please email me with any questions and be proactive about your study. We all know that leaving it to the last minute is not an effective practice.

EDMOB out.


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