Y11 English Language PREP: T1 Week 9

Hi all, I wont be in class tomorrow (28-03) so here is the PREP for the weekend and also the lesson plan for anyone who wants it

  1. Pre-read the section semantics (pages 25-26 & 62-63)
    • Take notes
    • Complete glossary entries for;
      • The relationship between meaning and sign
      • Semantic fields
      • Semantic over-generalisation and inference
      • Etymology
      • Broadening, narrowing, elevation, deterioration, shift, denotation and changing connotation
  2. If you want to check what you know, have a go at the questions on pages 26-32
    • Some of these are really useful, others not so much. You need to decide what is and isn’t helpful to you

The lesson plan for today is here -> in my absence 28-03

I’m expecting that everyone will be on task today and I will be checking to see how you went on Monday morning, so please take this lesson seriously and use your time effectively.



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